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Finding Your Tribe: The Importance of Networking

Writing is a lonely endeavor. Few jobs require one to sit for hours on end thinking, writing or typing, ripping up work, and starting over. Solitude is necessary to disappear into fictional worlds. 

No matter how much they love you, other people can't truly appreciate the effort it takes to give birth to a book. That is why spending time with other writers and having your own writing tribe, virtual or in person, is a lifeline. Here are some tips on networking and how to find your tribe.

Ten tips for Finding Your Tribe

The Benefits of Genre Associations

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Ten Tips for a Successful Critique Group

Beta Readers and Where to Find Them

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Cool Tools For Writers

Grateful for Great Courses

Great Courses

Writing Master Classes by Famous Writers

Online College Courses Many courses have mentoring and connect you with other writers.

Facebook  You can find many writing groups on Facebook to connect with. Here is a list of Facebook groups to join:

NANOWRIMO Every November, there is a national writing event where you can connect with other writers. Writers sometimes find life long friends there.

Critique Circle is another site to meet up with other writers and receive feedback.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Forums offers a multitude of resources including a critique forum.

Insecure Writers Support Group offers a wealth of resources for writers at every stage of the journey.

The Next Big Writer links you to groups with a specific genre.

Reddit has a "sub" reddit for every topic imaginable and is the wild wild west of forums. Here are some "sub reddits" that relate to writing:


Scribophile  has resources and offers critiques.

She Writes has hundreds of groups to choose from.

Talentville is specifically for screenwriters.

Underlined is a unique group which offers excerpts for you to read.

Writers Helping Writers offers resources and coaches.

Don't forget to check out writing workshops and conferences. Many are being held virtually at the moment due to the pandemic, which makes it easier for long distance writers to attend. I met my critique group that way and made many writing friends. Follow my Story Building Blocks Facebook page for updates and upcoming events:

You can ask me specific question on my Facebook forum for Story Building Blocks:

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