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Crafting Book Marks and Cards

Make your book mark or business card count by giving it a second purpose.

Depending on the size of bookmark, you can make it entertaining or useful by putting a poignant quote, recipe, a useful tip, a list of useful links, or a quote about books on the flip side. Don't make them too crowded though.

You can add tassels, dangling charms, or elastic banding. Just don't bedazzle it so much it loses impact or usefulness. 3-D elements do not work well between pages.

It is best to keep the bookmark to one standalone book or one cover from a series. It may be possible to fit the three covers of trilogy plus the pertinent data on the back. But you could also utilize the artwork from the first title and list the book titles below it. You don't need to repeat the author name, tagline, or series name each time. 

1. First decide on the size. Two by six inches is a common book mark size. You can go larger (3 x 8, 4 x 10) if you need more space.  Keep in mind that the average paperback is 5.5 x 8.5 -inches and hardcover is 6 x 9 inches. 
You can have a single-sided or double-sided bookmark.

2. You want good, heavy paper stock. If your home printer does not allow for card stock, take it to an office supply store or FedEx/Kinkos to be printed.

3. You can choose glossy or matte. Depending on the artwork, both have advantages. If you print at home on an inkjet, it is best to use matte. Inkjet ink bleeds when wet and can smear on glossy paper. Laser printing is best for wear and tear. If you have a color printer and can use a simple photo manipulation program, you can print them then cut them out at home with a good craft trimmer or a die cut machine found in craft stores. There are many creative shapes and sizes for bookmarks depending on the genre of your book, especially nonfiction. Specialty shapes can be ordered online through printing services.

4. At a minimum you should have your book cover, a tag line (if not a short synopsis), and ordering information (available in ebook and print, etc.). The genre should be obvious, the art seductive, and the fonts related to the genre and tone. Make sure you have the rights to the images and fonts.

5. You can spread the art from the cover from edge to edge of the bookmark and place the text where appropriate. You can have the art, title, and author name fill the front and put ordering information, website data, etc. on the back.

There are several bookmark templates available for doing it yourself.

1. Template Lab 

2. Word Templates

3. Canva 

4. Print Ready Bookmarks by Zapco

5. Overnight Prints Templates 

There are many sources for professional printing varying in cost, some easily affordable.

1. PS Print 

2. 4imprint 

3. Vistaprint

4. 48 Hours Print 

5. Overnight Prints 

6. Bannerbuzz 

Feel free to share you creative bookmark or business card idea in the comments.

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