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Book Interior Resources

There are many sources that make formatting your interior easy. With templates, the margins, gutters, etc. are precalculated for you. It is simply a matter of inserting your text. In many cases you can customize with fonts, symbols, images, etc.

1. KDP (Kindle Print) has a tool for creating the appropriate interior template. Choose your trim size and download the template for use in Word for Windows and other word processing programs. 

2. In-Design by Adobe is a program professionals use that you can purchase to create your interior. It has a steep learning curve and is an expensive option. 

3. Book Design Templates work within Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Adobe InDesign. Their pre-designed templates have built to industry-standard specifications that help you avoid newbie mistakes.  

4. DIY Book Formats offers easy-to-use book formatting templates in Word and InDesign, and a guided video course to help you format like a pro. 

5. Book Baby offers a downloadable .ZIP file that contains templates for use in multiple design programs. 

6. Empire Book Publishing offers free interior templates for different trim sizes. 

7. Ingram Spark also offers interior templates. 

8. Book Design Wizard is a software add-on you can use in conjunction with Word for Windows to format your interior.  

9. Vellum 2.0 is a MAC based program for formatting print and ebooks. 

10. Calibre is a software program that could help you create an ebook format for upload. It was created to organize your ebook collections. It also allows you to create and convert documents into EPUB, AZW2, and MOBI for editing and upload to your e-reader or a publishing platform. 

If you can change fonts, insert pages and page breaks, and add headers and footers in a word processing program, you will find customizing templates a breeze. If that feels too intimidating, with a simple search, you can find many sites and technicians to create customized interior designs for a fee.


With ebooks, the goal is to strip all conditional formatting, leaving chapter and section breaks using [Control] + [Insert], [Page Break]. You should use Times New Roman or Arial as the font. Other fonts will turn into gibberish. No hyphenation or full justification. If you are allowed to use images, you do so by [Insert] [Picture], not copy and paste.

The following are resources for formatting ebooks to the platform's specifications:


Next week, we will explore audio books.

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  1. Took me a few years to learn how to do all this with Word - could have used all this new tech a few years ago - all the breaks for the new kids on the block, Thanks for the info, great post.