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Worldbuilding: Law & Order

What legal system did they have and how were they chosen?

Who enforced laws? Local councils made up of citizens, judges only, local or regional magistrates, or a court system with juries?

Who served on juries? How were they chosen?

Did they have representatives such as lawyers, solicitors, etc. and how were they chosen: court appointed or services purchased?

How often did the judges or courts convene?

Were they local or traveling?

List the legal hierarchy. Did they have uniforms or badges?

Did they have guards, sentries, police, detectives, or private investigators, and how were they chosen or qualified?

Were they armed or trained to fight?

List the enforcement hierarchy. Did they have uniforms or badges?

Did they have cages, oubliettes, dungeons, prisons, jails, or other forms of incarceration?

What were the top crimes? What was the punishment for each?

How did they feel about rebellion, peaceful protest, or violent protests?

What type of intelligence agencies did they have: CIA, NSA, MI5, Scotland Yard, spies?

What type of military did they have? Did they have uniforms or badges?

How did they view their veterans or warriors? Were they valued? Were they taken care of? Were they admired or looked down on?

What methods of execution or torture did they have?

Next week, we will explore government.

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