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Framing the Plot Part 4: The Synopsis

Let's take the information we've developed and place it into a basic synopsis.

In my (word count) _________________ (genre)_______________________ novel,

(title) ____________________________________________________________,

(protagonist)____________________________________________is confronted by

(inciting event)_______________________________________________________,

leading to (overall story problem)______________________________________

and forcing him/her to (story goal)_______________________________________

Along the way he/she needs to resolve (personal dilemma)_____________________

which results in (point of change)________________________________________

Standing in his/her way is (antagonist)_____________________________________

who is determined to (antagonist’s goal)___________________________________.

 As a result, the protagonist:
o succeeds and feels good about it
o succeeds and feels bad about it
o fails and feels good about it
o fails feels bad about it)

and learns (theme)___________________________________________________.

These are the bare bones of a synopsis. Making it sparkle requires your word polish.

For more about how to craft plots using conflict check out, Story Building Blocks: The Four Layers of conflict available in print and e-book and check out the free tools and information about the series on my website.

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