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Marketing Tip: Character Cards

Masterpiece's Unforgotten
I found the character card ad (pictured left) in my Facebook feed from Masterpiece Theater and thought it would be a terrific marketing tool for books.

1.You can introduce the characters with a mini biography.

2. In a paranormal story, you can list their type: werewolf, witch, angel, demon, etc. and powers.

3. In a mystery, you can introduce the sleuth, the victims, and suspects.

4. In a romance, you could have one for the protagonist and the different love interests if she has to choose.

5. You can introduce the character's role and/or motivation in the story. Are they the protagonist, antagonist, friend, or foe?

The cards could be used with any genre and for a multitude of purposes.

1. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. as a fun marketing tool.

2. Have them printed out and distribute them at events. 

3. Create a collector card set for a series, much like baseball cards. This would be fun for YA and middle grade and epic Fantasy.

4. Feature them on your blog and website.

You can decide whether to use blank "egg head" avatars or use stock photos or sketches if you can draw.

As writers, we'd all love to pick our dream cast for the movie version, but avoid celebrity photos. They won't allow you to use their image for promotional purposes.

With stock photos, make sure you have the right licensing to use them this way. You can read more about using stock photos here.

I made cards for my young adult book series: Mythikas Island (available in print and ebook through Amazon).

You can use Photoshop or other photo-manipulation programs to create the cards. Here some additional resources:

If you have discovered other unique ways to market your book, please share them in the comments.

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