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Working with Romance

Several of my past blog posts have dealt with the topic of Romance. Click on the links to continue reading about developing believable lovers, what currency is and how it works, and booby traps to avoid when writing about relationships.

1. Not sure what you want to write? One story, eight options

Dressing Up Your Romance

2. What are the temperament types like as lovers?

Sixteen Lovers Part 1

Sixteen Lovers Part 2

Sixteen Lovers Part 3

Sixteen Lovers Part 4

3. What is emotional currency and how does it manifest in your novel?

Tapping Your Characters' Currency

Currency in Action

4.  Avoid the pitfalls of bad romance.

Subliminal Messages in Romance

The Trouble With Romance

Bad Romance

Toxic Messages in Fiction 1

Toxic Messages in Fiction 2

You can have conflict without severe dysfunction. Heaven knows the world needs less bad bad boy/bad girl role models.

To learn more about plotting the Romance, check out the recently released Romance Build A Plot Workbook available in print and e-book.

Next week, we will examine Science Fiction subgenres.

For more about how to craft plots using conflict check out, Story Building Blocks: The Four Layers of conflict available in print and e-book and check out the free tools and information about the series on my website. 

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