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Irregular verbs

Most verbs are regular and are turned into past tense by adding ed or en.

amble, ambled

be, been

Irregular verbs do not follow this rule. Here is a list of irregular verbs in present, past, then past perfect order.

Present tense: You are doing the action.

Past tense: You have completed the action.

Past perfect tense: You completed the action at some point in the past before something else happened.

arise, arose, arisen

ask, asked, asked

attack, attacked, attacked

awaken, awakened/awoke/ awakened

bear, bore, borne/born

begin, began, begun

blow, blew, blown

break, broke, broken

bring, brought, brought

burst, burst, burst

choose, chose, chosen

cling, clung, clung

come, came, come

dive, dived/dove, dived

do, did, done

drag, dragged, dragged

draw, drew, drawn

drink, drank, drunk

drive, drove, driven

drown, drowned, drowned

eat, ate, eaten

fall, fell, fallen

fly, flew, flown

forgive, forgave, forgiven

freeze, froze, frozen

get, got, got/gotten

give, gave, given

go, went, gone

grow, grew, grown

hang (things), hung, hung

hang (people), hanged, hanged

happen, happened, happened

know, knew, known

lay, laid, laid

lead, led, led

lie, lay, lain

loosen, loosened, loosened

lose, lost, lost

pay, paid, paid

ride, rode, ridden

ring, rang, rung

rise, rose, risen

run, ran, run

see, saw, seen

set, set, set

shake, shook, shaken

shrink, shrank/shrunk, shrunk/shrunken

sing, sang, sung

sink, sank/sunk, sunk

sit, sat, sat

speak, spoke, spoken

spin, spun, spun

spit, spat, spat

spring, sprang/sprung, sprung

steal, stole, stolen

sting, stung, stung

stink, stank/stunk, stunk

strive, strove, striven

study, studied, studied

swear, swore, sworn

swim, swam, swum

swing, swung, swung

take, took, taken

tear, tore, torn

throw, threw, thrown

wake, woke/waked, woken/waked

wear, wore, worn

weave, wove, woven

wring, wrung, wrung

write, wrote, written

As you go through your revision process, do a search for these verbs and make sure you have used them properly.

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