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Should You Write A Book?

Most articles focus on how to write a book. In order to write a (good) book, you have to have a grasp of the language and (at least) a basic concept of story structure and an imagination. You don't need an MFA. You can learn about writing on your own. There are lots of books on the topic, including mine. You can read blogs, such as mine. You can take classes online. You can find a critique group.

But should you write a book?

1) Why do you want to write a book?

A) It is a lifelong dream.
B) You want to be famous.
C) You need money.

If your answer is A, continue. There is absolutely no guarantee, and low odds, that you will attain B and C.

2) What commitments do you have and how much time do they require?

A) Do you have a full-time or part-time job?
B) Do you have a romantic partner? 
C) Do you have to maintain a residence?
D) Do you have children? 
E) Do you sleep?

Subtract the hours you already have committted from 24. If you have extra time and/or are willing to infringe on the time dedicated to your commitments, continue.

3) If you have spare time, what do you prefer to do with it?

A) Read books.
B) Watch TV.
C) Exercise or sports.
D) Play video games. 
E) Other hobbies.

Are you willing to give them up to write, revise, edit, and proofread? If so, continue.

4) Do you like a grueling challenge?

A) Yes.
B) No.

If your answer is A, continue.

5) Can you handle criticism and rejection?

A) Yes.
B) No.

If your answer is A, continue.

6) Are you willing to market yourself and your product in person and online?
A) Yes.
B) No.

If your answer is A, continue.

If you have reached this point and are still interested then get busy.

If you need help getting started, check out the Story Building Blocks Series:

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