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Dissecting Christie Part 4

If you read Agatha Christie for pleasure, by all means start at the beginning. If you read Christie for craft, start at the end. Her sleuths always put the puzzle together in the final scenes, revealing the clues you may or may not have picked up on. This week, we will look at the key pieces of evidence Christie planted in The Crooked House.


1) The murderer kept saying how clever she was and how stupid the police were.

2) She was a child. People assume children don’t kill intentionally.

3) The victim told her how to kill him. All she had to do was avoid fingerprints.

4) She faked an attempt on her own life and claimed she was in danger.

5) She made it look like someone had searched her room.

7) She provided motives for others.

8) She made it look like she was a target. She stole the poison and put in her own cup and left it untouched. Victim 2 drank it.

9) She had to be kept at home because she was a danger, not in danger. When her mother decided to send her away to school, it triggered the murderous rampage.

10) A witness found her confession in a diary but kept it hidden.

11) The murderer blatantly threatened to kill Victims 2 and 3.

Next week, we will look at the story skeleton to see when and where she planted the critical clues and false evidence.

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  1. This is a fantastic series on Crooked House for writers.
    I ordered a print book so that I can study your work.
    Thanks so much for 'showing' how to insert all the elements.
    This is invaluable.